Blank Park Zoo

Des Moines, IA / Civic

Services provided:

  • Master planning
  • Landscape architecture

Project highlights

  • Simonson & Associates Architects worked closely with Blank Park Zoo to develop plans for a new and dynamic entrance into the Zoo complex.
  • A Master Plan was developed by Simonson that, when implemented, would immerse visitors in the ‘Zoo experience’ even before they reached the parking area and the admission gates.
  • Components of the plan include: A unique archway entry feature, a pond feature that doubles as storm water detention, an animal exhibit area for large breed hoof stock, a dense buffer of landscaping, berming and fencing and finally, a public park space that includes play equipment, restrooms and a picnic shelter.
  • Simonson, in partnership with Civil Design Advantage, were contracted by Blank Park Zoo to implement the Master Plan vision.