Simonson & Associates designed the new Raccoon Valley Bank branch and future headquarters building currently under construction in Grimes, Iowa. Situated within the Heritage at Grimes PUD and adjacent to highway 141, the building design was tailored to its highly viable location and ridged architectural context. Embracing the proximity to the thoroughfare, the building showcases a fully back-lit glazing assembly which stretches from the front lobby entrance to the back side of the drive-through along the highway. The glass feature is equipped with Raccoon Valley Bank’s logo and signage as well as a full-spectrum color lighting. The interior of the bank offers a natural light-filled two-story lobby and teller space with a full height fireplace, custom lighting and finishes throughout the building, and a large boardroom with an exterior rooftop patio stretching its perimeter. Simonson & Associates provided initial planning services and designed the building on the side to allow for convenient future expansion.